Nueva Fecha para el Curso de Vino

Estamos orgullosos de anunciar una nueva fecha para nuestro curso Una Introducción al vino en el área de la ciudad de México.

El curso se llevará a cabo el día 15 de mayo, 2010, los detalles están disponibles AQUÍ. Durante el curso aprenderán las cosas básicas que necesitan para desmitificar el maravilloso mundo del vino. Al final de la parte teórica del curso, hacemos una degustación formal de 7 vinos diferentes. Todo el material del curso está incluido en un CD, incluyendo nuestro software profesional de cata.

El costo del curso es de $1,350.00 y requerimos un depósito de $350.00 para reservar su lugar. Reserve pronto ya que los lugares están limitados.

Aquí un pequeño extracto de lo está reservado para usted:

Por cierto, este curso será en español, pero si existe demanda también puedo impartir este curso y todos mis cursos y conferencias en inglés o francés. También puedo viajar alrededor del mundo o a su localidad para dar mis clases y conferencias en una variedad de temas. Por favor contácteme directamente para más información.


New Wine Course Date

We are proud to announce a new date for our Introduction to Wine course in the Mexico City area. The course will be held on May 15th and all the details are available HERE. During the course you will learn all the basic things you need to demystify the wonderful world of wine. At the end of the theoretical part of the course we do a formal tasting of 7 different wines. All the course’s material is included on a CD, including our professional wine tasting software.

The course’s price is MN$1350 and we require a MN$350 deposit to reserve your spot. Reserve early as spaces are limited.

Here is a short excerpt of what is in store for you:

BTW, this course will be in Spanish, but if there is a demand for it I can also give this course and all my courses and conferences in English or French. I can also travel worldwide to your locality to give classes and conferences on a variety of subjects. Please contact me directly for more information.


Back to the world

We had one of those very stressful weekends running around the house trying to accomplish a lot of tasks and working on a lot of new things. This did not give me even a few free minutes to post the Daily Express and I shortly post them late. We did not even had time to cook as we were trying to accomplish a lot, and I had thawed the last of some nice New York cut steak to have yesterday and we were to tired to enjoy them, so we will have them today. In any case the wind was so strong all of last week and last weekend that I would not have been able to grill them on the barbecue.

There has been a flurry of activity around here in the past week as we are preparing for a launch later this week or next a bunch of new features for the blog and the site. I think that you will like what we have planned and I am working out the details as we speak, and wildly programming all the features so they work perfectly from day one. Please watch for a formal announcement later this week or first thing next week. Today there will be a lot of short post to catch up with a dry weekend.


Looking for House in Mexico City

We are actively looking for renting or buying a house in a good colonia of Mexico City. We have been renting classrooms and space for our various courses and conferences for a while and renting space for this in a good area of town gets very expensive very quickly. It prevents us from giving as many course as we wish, or making the courses as long as we wish. We also cannot cater to smaller classes like I prefer to do as we have to have a certain amount of people registered to justify the rental of a room for the course. Add to that that traveling time from where we currently live to most centric areas of town have increased from around an hour to from 2 to 3 hours each way 7 days a week, so even going to give the classes is getting more and more difficult and I do not see any real change except for getting worse.

We want to remedy the situation by either renting or buying a house in a good area of town and use part of the house to give our courses and conferences. This would solve the problem of being able to offer as many course as we want, being able to offer course for smaller groups, and definitively eliminate the traveling problem.

If anybody reading this post has something to offer us, or know of someone who might have something, please contact me directly as I am open to any suggestions.


Recipes reorganization

I think that it is time for a bit of recipe reorganization here on the blog as when I was trying to see if I had posted the marinade recipe from yesterday I noticed that it is not that easy to navigate the blog and see all that is there. I am currently looking at alternatives from simply re-categorizing the entire content to a better solution that might involve some additional technology or WordPress plug-in.

If any of you have some suggestions or can recommend a plug-in that could help to better classify the content of the blog please leave a comment about it, or write to me directly at


Promotional Services

We are now offering promotional services here in Mexico to companies in the food/beverage industry (food products, ingredients, wines, liquors, kitchen utensils and appliances and other related luxury products) for your products via our website, clients, and our various courses.

For example if you want to promote a new brand of wine in this market we can arrange to use your wine and promote it during the tasting part of our various wine courses that would be related to your wine.

Before accepting a product for promotion in our courses, be aware that it has to be approved by our evaluation board.

For those types of promotional services and other industry-related services please contact me directly at


Bienvenidos a nuestro Nuevo Diseño

Después de más de 5 años en línea decidí que ya era tiempo de desplegar un nuevo diseño para el blog y para el sitio principal. Esto fue aún más importante para nosotros ya que ahora estamos más y más involucrados en nuestro negocio de vino y comida. Empezamos con nuestros cursos de vinos, los cuales son un gran éxito, y en el año venidero ofreceremos clases de cocina y también planeamos abrir un restaurante basado en el concepto de “Cocina Privada” que es muy popular en Hong Kong, pero con una variación…

Visite este espacio para anuncios futuros en los meses próximos, y la página Web principal también deberá ser actualizada, ya sea hoy o mañana a más tardar, así que visítenos ahí también.


Welcome To Our New Look

After more than 5 years online I decided that it was about time that we displayed a new look for the blog and also for the main site. This was even more important for us as we are now more and more involved with our food and wine business. We started with the wine courses which are a great success, and in the coming year we will offer cooking classes and also plan the opening of a restaurant based on the “Private Kitchen” concept that is popular in Honk Kong, but with a twist…

Watch this space for further announcements in the coming months, and the main website should be also updated either tonight or tomorrow, so give us a visit there too.