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Services Offered to the Food and Drink Industry

Sourcing Services

Fine wines from a variety of countries
Fine spirits from a variety of countries
Fine beers from a variety of countries
Non-perishable luxury/exotic food items
Cooking utensils and appliances
Fine tableware and crystal
Perishable luxury/exotic food items
Fine cigars
Other luxury items

IT services

Wine/Beer/Food/Cigar/Etc education kiosks
Client reward programs
Branded cooking and other software
Food/Wine matching engine
Cutting edge web-portal
Cutting edge POS and management software
Multilingual food and wine blogs


Food and beverage business planning
Business plan analysis
Restaurant analysis and consulting
Menu analysis and preparation
Wine list analysis and preparation
Professional classes (cooking, food prep, sanitation, wine, spirits, beer, sommelier, etc)
Staff motivation seminars
Event planning and catering
Restaurant design
Software and IT consulting
Software POS and management solutions
Vineyard Weather Monitoring
Vineyard Automation and Machine Learning Grapevines
Wine and viticulture consulting
Commercial kitchen design services
Wine cellar design services
Wine collection and cellar evaluation services
Wine investment consulting services
Staff and restaurant certification programs

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