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Luc was born as the only child of a middle-class family of French descent in a small village famous for its ski resort north of Montréal, Québec, Canada. He has nurtured a lifelong interest in cooking that he developed since early childhood at the side of his mother and his grandmother who were consummate cooks. At an early age he studied French cooking with his mother while she was taking classes with one of the most renowned teachers in Montreal, “Professeur Bernard”

In the late 1970’s while studying at university he developed a great interest in wines. One day he decided to start learning more about wine and like everything else he does in his life he had to do it in great depth. Armed with a series of wine encyclopedias, he started to buy wines from all over the world and learned all that he could about them. By the mid-eighties he was a professional wine consultant and had amassed a collection of close to 5000 bottles of wine.

During that same period in the evenings after university he was taking Chinese cooking and painting classes with Dick Chen at the Chen School of Art. This lasted for over 4 years.

Later he was involved in the professional side of the wine and food business both as a consultant and a buyer for a variety of private concerns during the 1980’s and 1990’s. It permitted him to travel the world extensively.

A renowned British wine merchant was his business partner at the time, and he sponsored many of Luc’s business trips during that period and through various contacts in the wine business in Europe and other parts of the world Luc learned a lot about the wine industry in general and wine as an investment in particular.

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Curriculum Vitae 2021

J. Luc Paquin 2021 – English & Español

Luc Paquin

Languages Spoken and Written: French, English and Spanish.

Citizenship: Canadian

Luc Paquin






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