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The heat has yet to letup here in Mexico City and the entire region is plagued by high heat and high levels of pollution. We had planned to go out today, but neither Normita nor I have the energy to face up with the heat down the hill. I guess that it will be for another day. I thawed a nice piece of dorado or mahi-mahi today. It is sitting in the refrigerator waiting for me to decide what to do with it. Since the is minimal wind today I might do something on the barbecue. I will definitely marinate it first, in what I still have no idea as I have looked into what we have left yet. I think we have some nice large potatoes, so I guess I will grill some nice slices of potato first, and since I do not think we have anything fresh in the refrigerator I will have to used some frozen vegetables as a side dish.

I will decide the details of the meal in a short while, but first I have to go take a shower. Bacchus just passed by my office’s window and from the long smell he took and the excited way he looked at me I guess that I smell like one of the pack and he wants me to go bark at the squirrels in the trees with him. I think I will pass on the occasion and go wash off the strange smell, so that I can be taken for a human again…

Later I’ll post the details on how I prepared the dorado.


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