…Where 'La Gourmandise' is not a sin!

As of today we will be launching a new feature. It is called the “Daily Express”. It is not really a post about specific recipes, but more of a log of what we cook here at home on a daily basis. We tend to recycle a lot and do lots of things with leftovers. There are many reasons for this, but it is mainly because I hate throwing anything away, and ever more throwing away food.

In this way we can both record what we do in the kitchen on a daily basis, and also help stimulate and inspire people to create something with what they have at home instead of eating junk food or buying prepared food all the time. During the week I normally spend less that 10-15 minutes to prepare our main meal of the day, which we normally eat at 4pm more or less the customary time (2pm to 4pm) for the main meal here. Besides that meal we normally have breakfast around 10am and have a snack in the evening if we get hungry. On weekends, if times permits, we normally try to prepare something a bit more elaborate. We rarely eat out as we work at home unless we go to town on business and come back too late or too tired to cook.

Enjoy these daily tips and give us some feedback if you have any suggestions.


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