New Wine Course Date

We are proud to announce a new date for our Introduction to Wine course in the Mexico City area. The course will be held on May 15th and all the details are available HERE. During the course you will learn all the basic things you need to demystify the wonderful world of wine. At the end of the theoretical part of the course we do a formal tasting of 7 different wines. All the course’s material is included on a CD, including our professional wine tasting software.

The course’s price is MN$1350 and we require a MN$350 deposit to reserve your spot. Reserve early as spaces are limited.

Here is a short excerpt of what is in store for you:

BTW, this course will be in Spanish, but if there is a demand for it I can also give this course and all my courses and conferences in English or French. I can also travel worldwide to your locality to give classes and conferences on a variety of subjects. Please contact me directly for more information.


Promotional Services

We are now offering promotional services here in Mexico to companies in the food/beverage industry (food products, ingredients, wines, liquors, kitchen utensils and appliances and other related luxury products) for your products via our website, clients, and our various courses.

For example if you want to promote a new brand of wine in this market we can arrange to use your wine and promote it during the tasting part of our various wine courses that would be related to your wine.

Before accepting a product for promotion in our courses, be aware that it has to be approved by our evaluation board.

For those types of promotional services and other industry-related services please contact me directly at