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I am a Canadian expat living in Mexico City, and an IT and technology consultant with more than 35 years experience. I have also been a food/wine consultant and teacher for over 35 years. I have a long-standing passion for food and wine that I want to share with the world with the help of Normita, my wonderful wife, and some of our friends. Welcome to our home on the Internet and please feel free to let us all know what you think of our efforts. I offer consulting services to the food and wine industry worldwide and I am currently offering food and wine training to the general public and professionals here in Mexico City.

Private Kitchen

Over a period of 35 years various investors wanted Luc to open some restaurants in England and Canada, but since he wanted to keep his independent status and creative control of the process, the negotiations with those various groups fell through. To this day Luc still has some plans along those lines, but in a simpler way based on the “Private Kitchen” concept that is popular in Honk Kong. In this way he will be able to concentrate on his restaurant due to the nature of the concept and also have time for his other interests. He is currently looking for the proper place worldwide to settle down and open both a new cooking and wine school and run his “Private Kitchen” restaurant.

The private kitchens first started opening when amateur chefs decided to give restaurants a run for their money. Many operate out of office blocks or residential buildings and have little or no signage; you often only find the specific address when you make a booking. A Private Kitchen, sometimes known as a supper club or closed door restaurant, is a social dining restaurant operated out of someone’s home, generally bypassing local zoning and health-code regulations. They are usually advertised by word of mouth or unwanted advertising. Depending on the area’s law, the establishments may be illegal, even though they have been around for decades. They are becoming increasingly popular in the internationally.

For more than 25 years Luc has been organizing events related to food and wine, giving classes, tastings and seminars to professional and the general public alike, designed technological solutions for the industry, offered his services as a professional consultant, gave motivational and other types of conferences, and generally participated in the food and wine business at many levels.


The attraction of the Private Kitchen for the customer varies. In some cases, it is the opportunity to sample new food, often at low cost outside the traditional restaurant experience. Guests of the Private Kitchen also cite one of the biggest reasons for enjoying the experience is the social interaction with strangers over food, something this would generally be frowned upon in a traditional restaurant setting. Private Kitchen have been described as “anti-restaurants” for the host, the benefit is to make money and experiment with cooking without being required to invest in restaurant property.

In the fall of 2020-2021 we plan to open a restaurant base on the “Private Kitchen” concept that is popular in Honk Kong, but with a twist…


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