Cooking Videos

I am in the process of researching various technologies to create short cooking videos for the blog. I am looking at the technical side of things now, and we already have some of the equipment here in Mexico. It is too bad that most of our stuff is still in storage in Canada as we have a full professional video-editing suite up there, but it is not much good to us right now, as we cannot ship our stuff south until we get ourselves a place big enough to store it all.

My plans are to use what we have on hand here to start, and about the only thing missing so far is a solid tripod for the video camera. I have yet to try the video-editing software we have here, but that should be a simple fix if it is not up to the task. We plan to also get a decent still camera to replace the one that died on us last winter, so that we can start posting pictures of all the dishes and preparation.

At first I want to put together some short basic cooking technique videos and to experiment with the format and the tools until we have the production side well broken-in. Once we achieve that we might start creating slightly longer videos featuring simple recipes. We will judge what the reaction will be from those and then figure out how to proceed from there with both content and format.

If you have any suggestions on what simple cooking techniques you would like to see featured in the first few videos, please leave them in the comment section, or send us an email at I am looking forward to read your feedback and suggestions on this.


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