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Coffee Vienna Cinnamon from at Swiss Chocolate Almond.


From: 6 August, 2006

Mongo video.


Wines can be a fascinating subject and also a source of mystery and fear for those
who do not know much about the subject. For those who are looking for an introduction to the
interesting world of wines, and want to learn the basics of how to select wines and be familiar with
the subject we offer an intensive 3-4 hour course that will teach you what you need to know to have
a working knowledge of wines. The course consists of a theoretical part followed by a formal tasting
of 7 different wines.

Your teacher, Luc Paquin, has traveled the world as a wine and gourmet food consultant and buyer
for a variety of companies for more than 35 years. His vast knowledge on the subject makes him a
fountain of information and his informal style make the often daunting subject accessible to all.

Here are the basic things you will learn during this course.

” A brief history of wine
” How wine is made
” The different types of grapes
” The different types of wine
” The major wine regions of the world
” How to read a wine label
” How to taste wine
” Basic wine-food matches
” The order and temperature in serving wines

” Tasting of sparkling wine
” Tasting of white wine
” Tasting of rosé wine
” Tasting of red wine

Question Period


We are ecologically conscious so we do not offer printed manuals with our courses and conferences.
Each student will receive a free USB memory with all the didactic material from the course plus some
interesting related information and some free software.


A lot of people on the Internet promise you to make you rich quickly. Most of those methods are frauds and the rest only make the advertiser of the method richer. There are not many ways, at least legal ways, to become rich. There is however a surefire way to achieve the financial rewards you have always dreamed of and it does not involve the sale of marvelous new products, the need to invest into complex multi-level sales schemes, or paying somebody a huge amount of money for some simple idea. In only involves the proper frame of mind, determination, proper planning, and a lot of hard work. Learn how to become millionaire with this interesting seminar.

Seminar Outline
• Introduction
• How to define ‘Millionaire’
• The odds of your success
• The road to your success
• Setting your goals
• How to have the proper mindset to reach your goals
• How to properly plan for your success
• Learning from your mistakes
• Keeping your determination to win
• Enjoying your success


Sourcing services

Fine wines from a variety of countries
Fine spirits from a variety of countries
Fine beers from a variety of countries
Non-perishable luxury/exotic food items
Cooking utensils and appliances
Fine tableware and crystal
Perishable luxury/exotic food items
Fine cigars
Other luxury items

IT services

Wine/Beer/Food/Cigar/Etc education kiosks
Client reward programs
Branded cooking and other software
Food/Wine matching engine
Cutting edge web-portal
Cutting edge POS and management software
Multilingual food and wine blog(s)
Association with major credit card lifestyle publications and catalogs
Association with large corporate clients for services and events


Food and Beverage Business Planning
Restaurant analysis
Menu analysis and preparation
Wine list analysis and preparation
Professional classes (cooking, food prep, sanitation, wine, spirits, beer, etc)
Staff motivation seminars
Event planning and catering
Restaurant design
Software consulting
Software POS and management solutions
Professional seminars
Corporate lifestyle planning
Lifestyle-based team building seminars/event/classes


As most of you might have noticed, posting has been slow for the past few weeks. The reason has been a combination of many things. First the big heat wave that passed through central Mexico left us with not much energy to do anything productive and it was compounded by power failures and communication problems. We also have been working hard preparing a bunch of new features that we wanted to launch earlier this month, but due to various delays and infrastructure problems we will launch them when things quiet down a bit around here, probably in late June.

Though this site is hosted on a commercial host, we also maintain our own servers here for our other businesses, and for some clients. We spend the part of last week updating out Windows server, and now the next task is to do the same to the Linux one. I also need to add storage to our file server, so this sounds like it will keep me busy for a while judging the fun I had last week with the Windows server.

We also have been intensively looking for a new place for the school as right now it is an ordeal for us to travel to the place we give the cooking and wine courses as it is on the opposite side of town from where we live. On a good day with no traffic it takes us close to 3 hours to get there from here, so it is a tad tiring to give the courses. Also it is far north on the other side of town and most people in the more central areas of the city do not want to travel so far. We have been looking for a commercial space to rent, or ideally for a large out with enough space for us, the Boyz, and for the school and of course at a price we can afford. IT seems very difficult to find something that matches all of our criteria.

I think that this slowness of posting might last a few more weeks as I would love to find a proper place for the school and settle that once and for all, and also I need to do a lot of work both for the new things we want to launch here, and also on assorted other projects around the office. I will try to post something occasionally when I have a few free minutes, and we are taking picture and preparing new material for the site all the time. In the meantime keep cooking and enjoying good food and good wine and we will resume our regular posting schedule soon.


The hot weather is back with us again today and after we had lunch we went back to the offices and after a few hours it was too hot to work. I went to give the dogs their supper and when I was coming back inside Normita wanted to go get a bit of fresh air. I joined her and we kept company to the boyz while they literally wolfed down their big bowl of food. I don’t know where they get the energy to eat so quickly on a hot day like this.

We walked around the yard a bit and then decided to harvest the peaches from the small tree next to the kitchen entrance. We had been saying we would do it since last week, but never got around to it. The neighborhood’s birds came down on that tree last week in day and feasted on the peaches and destroyed over 80% of the crop by eating half of most of the fruits and letting the other half rot. Normita went for a bad and a small stepladder and I went up in the tree and tried to salvage most of the peaches that were ripe and not half eaten by the birds.

Bacchus and Uriel, the boyz, were around us and catching whatever peaches they could grab that were falling from the tree. They eat them in one bite crushing the stone. It is awe inspiring to see them do it. I hope that tomorrow that tomorrow they do not wake up with a store stomach, but from past experience they have eaten much worse without any problems. They seem to have cast iron stomachs.

Here is a picture of the peaches that awaits in the sink the first one who will have the courage to go wash them:

We will keep the ripest ones to eat and tomorrow or Friday we will probably prepare some “compote de pêches” with the rest. We will use that as a dessert over ice cream and I think that I did see that we had a frozen Cornish hen the other day and we might roast it covered with the peaches next weekend if we have some time.


The peaches waiting to be washed in the sink



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