Pork Chop & Veggie & Wok


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Pork Chop & Veggie & Wok


6 Pork Chop
1 Bell Pepper
1 Jalapeño Pepper
12 White Mushroom
2 Zucchini
2 tbsp Curry Powder
2 tbsp Ground Ginger
1/2 tsp Red Sesame
1/2 tsp Green Sesame
1/2 tsp Black Sesame
Olive Oil Extra Virgin
Himalayan Pink Salt & Black Pepper


1. Slice 6 pork chop.
2. Cut veggies on pieces, they should not be too thick or too thin.
3. Season the Pork & veggies with curry powder, ground ginger, salt and pepper.
4. Put olive oil and prk on the wok and stir fry for 5 minutes,the wok needs really high heat and things need to be done really quick.
5. Add Veggies to stir for 3 minutes.
6. Mix everything well then serve on plates.
7. Add on the top Red Sesame & Green Sesame & Black Sesame.

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Daily Express – Pan Grilled Pork Chops

Today I defrosted the last of those thin pork chops we bought some weeks ago. I was rushed for time and since the temperature is still high I did not want to spend much time in the kitchen. The entire meal was prepared in around 20 minutes. I simply marinated the thin chops for a few minutes with soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, sesame oil and “Jugo Maggi” a vegetable flavoring sauce. Then I grilled the thin chops to perfect crispness on a grill pan. This took only minutes. As a side dish I prepared a quick walnut couscous and a simple green salad. From entering the kitchen to the table only took a bit over 20 minutes and the results were very tasty.

It is one of those types of meals that takes longer to describe than to actually prepare. I will post some pictures before and also the recipe of the couscous.


Daily Express – Leftover pork curry and chicken soup

We went food shopping this morning and the supermarket was full and the people there behaved like animals. Actually that is insulting animals as most behave better than that. We absorbed so much bad energy that we returned home dead tired. I was planning to prepare something nice for this afternoon’s meal, but we returned so late and tired that we decided to eat the leftover pork curry from yesterday with the leftover chicken soup from Friday. This way we will clean the refrigerator and get rid of and clean all of the pots stored there.

I spent some time in the kitchen anyway as I prepare some nice banana bread for breakfast tomorrow and marinated something for tomorrow meal. I will see if I have the energy to post my banana bread recipe later tonight while Normita attends a webinar, and I will adjourn to the kitchen now to reheat the soup and the curry. Until later…


Photos – Pork curry

I did not post the pictures yesterday because I could not get the digital camera to connect to the graphics computer last night and I was too lazy to even simply reboot the system to see if it would help, let alone actually diagnose the problem. Everything is fine today so I assume that it was just a transient glitch, though the camera is starting to show its age and is starting to act strange at time.

Yesterday’s curry turned out even better than I had thought and the meat was extremely tender and juicy. I had asked Normita how she wanted the curry and she had requested on the medium side, and it turned out that I aimed for that, but ended up more on the medium-hot side. Actually before I knew Normita, and then moved to Mexico I probably would have said it was extremely hot and probably inedible to me at the time, but now my taste has changed and I got accustomed to eat chiles and it was perfect for my taste and Normita devoured her plate so I guess it was good for her too.

I started with part of that nice piece of pork thigh we bought last week. Before freezing it I had cut it in 3 and froze each piece individually. Here is one of those pieces.

A nice juicy piece of pork thigh

I cut it in small cubes so it can cook a tad quicker as it was getting late and then I floured the pieces in a mixture of flour, garlic salt, onion powder, cumin and curcuma.

Cubed pork thigh
Floured pork cubes

I then quickly chopped a piece of leftover onion, some garlic cloves, and ginger. I sauteed the onion in plenty of olive oil and then added the garlic and ginger. Once the onions had taken a bit of color I added the floured pork cubes and browned them.

Some onion, ginger, and garlic
The pork cubes browning with the onions, garlic, and ginger

Once the pork was well browned I added a few cups of beef stock, so salt, pepper, cumin, curcuma, lots of curry powder, and some chili paste. I stirred everything together and let it simmer for about 30 minutes while I prepared some simple steamed rice.

Simmering pork curry

I very simply plated the dish with some rice at the bottom and a nice portion of curry on top. It was simply heavenly!

Plated pork curry on steamed rice


Daily Express – Pork curry

Today we spent the day working in the office. Normita is doing updates to a website for a client, and I am building an update business plan for our food/wine course business. The day is somewhat dull outside and now it is raining a bit. I decided to spice things up by making some nice pork curry with one of the pieces of pork thigh we bought last weekend. It is still thawing slowly and I am not sure exactly how I will prepare it. I will let the gods of cooking inspire me when I enter the kitchen.

To keep things easy I will prepare a simple steamed rice to serve with the curry. As usual I will try to post some pictures later.


Photos – Pork chops baked with pineapples

As mentioned earlier I decided to prepare some thinly sliced pork chops that we bought on sale last weekend. We also bought half a small pineapple and I was planning to use that too. Here is a look at those very thin chops. Thinly sliced meat is very popular here in Mexico.

Here are those thinly sliced pork chops we ate

I ended up removing the flesh from the pineapple husk and chopping it roughly. I mixed it with some quartered mushrooms, tomato ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, balsamic glaze, cumin, salt and pepper. I oven-baked the chops in the pineapple mix on a bed made with pieces of pineapple husk. Here is a picture of the dish as it came out of the oven.

The dish coming out of the oven

The dish turned out fantastic and I will post the recipe in the coming weeks. I prepared some sweet potatoes purée to go with it as it had been ages that we had some. All in all a great meal! Now I need to go take a nap…

Here is the plated dish ready to eat


Daily Express – Pork chops baked with pineapples

I am about to go to the kitchen to prepare the meal and I am starving. I have been working in the office preparing various proposals since early this morning and I have yet to take a 5 minute break, so I feel understandably lightheaded.

When I got up I thawed some of those thinly sliced pork chops we bought on sale last weekend. I plan to bake them with some fresh pineapple we bought at the same time. I am not sure exactly yet how I will do that, and I will let whatever inspiration that hits me when I actually start cooking take over.

If it turns out well I will post the results later this week. Wish me luck…


Daily Express – Oriental Style Ribs

As mentioned yesterday we found some great pork meat on sale and bought various cuts enough to make 7-8 meals. What we will have today is deboned pork rib halves that looked very tasty.

Deboned Pork Rib Halves

We only paid around MN$55 a Kg for them (~US$1.90 a pound) and they look and feel very juicy. I am not sure how I will cook them, as I would love cooking them on the barbecue, but around here it is very difficult to plan this ahead of time as it might be raining by the time we are ready to eat, or it might be too windy. We’ll see what happens and depending on the weather or my mood I will either do them outside as planned or in the oven.

The ribs in the marinade.

As it is somewhat hot these days I wanted to prepare them in a lighter way so I prepared a marinade inspired by the high temperature. It is based on tangerine juice, with some “piloncillo” (raw cane sugar cones reconstituted in boiling water to form a heavy syrup reminiscent of molasses), Sambal Olek (oriental chili paste), soy sauce, sesame oil, a roughly pealed piece of fresh ginger, powdered “chile ancho” and citric zests, salt and pepper with lime zest. The result as a somewhat sweetish marinade with a bit of bite to it. Perfect for the weather. The meat is currently marinating in the refrigerator and in a few hours I will just turnover the meat in it so it is well marinated and whenever it is time I will decide how to cook it and what garnishes I will make.

If the results are great I will post the full recipe in the coming weeks…