We are finally somewhat settled in the new condo. Last Friday, with the wonderful help of Jorge and Margarita, we managed to clean the place up properly and wash all of the dishes, cutlery, glasses, pots and pans, and all the things we have for the kitchen, and then somewhat found some room for everything in its reduced space.

Tomorrow night a little bar and a small furniture for the aquarium should be delivered and the last things still sitting around on the counters should be stored away. We should be able to start posting regularly in the coming days. This took a lot longer than planned, but we are now ready. Normita is out of town on business until tomorrow so her introductory post will still be delayed for a few days. I am here and frantically preparing some nice posts and tasty recipes and they will be up regularly starting soon.

We do not plan to have a regular posting schedule at first, but I aim to post at least a short entry daily, and when the mechanics of production will be well oiled we will try to have a regular schedule for the posts.

Have fun visiting us, and I will be back shortly…


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