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Oven Temperature Conversions  
FahrenheitCelsiusGas Mark
275F140CGas Mark 1 – Cool
300F150CGas Mark 2
325F165CGas Mark 3 - Very Moderate
350F180CGas Mark 4 – Moderate
375F190CGas Mark 5
400F200CGas Mark 6 - Moderately Hot
425F220CGas Mark 7 - Hot
450F230CGas Mark 9
475F240CGas Mark 10 - Very Hot


Lee Valley: EV149

The broad, flat side of these bowls makes collecting ingredients directly from a cutting board a snap. The bevelled edge rests flush on the cutting board to ensure ingredients go into the bowl, not under the lip, and you can use one of the corners as a pouring spout.

Comes as a set of three nesting bowls (1/2 cup, 1 cup and 2 cups) with Imperial and metric graduations marked on the inside. Made of hard ABS plastic, they are BPA free and dishwasher safe in the top rack. Not microwaveable. A practical improvement over regular prep bowls.


Ratios for Selected Foods
1 stick4 oz = 113 grams8 tbs1/2 cup
4 sticks16 oz = 452 grams32 tbs2 cups
1 lemon1 to 3 tbs juice, 1 to 1? tsp grated zest
4 large lemons1 cup juice1/4 cup grated zest
1 oz1/4 cup grated = 40 grams
6 oz chips1 cup chips = 160 grams
cocoa powder1 cup = 115 grams
Half and Half1/2 Milk 1/2 Cream10.5-18% Butterfat
Light Cream18% Butterfat
Light Whipping Cream26-30% Butterfat
Heavy creamWhipping Cream36% or More Butterfat
Double CreamExtra-Thick Double Cream,
Clotted or Devonshire
42% Butterfat


Grandma’s Restaurant
539 Vista Bella
Oceanside, CA 92057

Established in 1985

The idea of Grandma’s was established in June of 1985 by Richard and Ellen Truelove. In 1987 they partnered up with Grant & Betty Allen. they kept it until selling to Bob & Lita wisely in January of 1994. Grandma’s was under the ownership for almost a decade until it’s closing down in June of 1999. In August it was re-opened as Grandma BB’s by Mark Schulman and his partner Christine Moore. After a few years it was sold to Art and Debbie Coleman in Sept. 2005 and became Grandma’s Hilltop Hideaway Cafe. A year later Faustino Hernandez took over in Oct. 2006 and has been there since and hope to bring the same great food and hospitality that everyone has fallen in love with.


Lee Valley: 70M46.50

Sub-micron carbide particles in this sharpener are about one-fortieth the diameter of a human hair and are the kind used in the most demanding of metal-machining processes.

Extremely hard and durable, the carbide can be ground to a much keener and more durable edge than common carbides. Each of the two blades has four edges and can be rotated to a new edge if one is accidentally damaged.

The sharpener comes as a right-handed version but the blades are easily reversed to convert it for left-handed use.

To sharpen a knife you just draw it through the intersecting carbide blades with light pressure. A very dull knife may initially require several light passes but can be maintained thereafter with a single pass for touch-ups.

Not only is it easy to use, but if used with care, it should last for as long as you (or we) live.


Measurements Conversion Chart
US Dry Volume Measurements
1/16 tspdash
1/8 tspa pinch
3 tsp1 tbsp
1/8 cup2 tbsp
1/4 cup4 tbsp
1/3 cup5 tbsp plus 1 tsp
1/2 cup8 tbsp
3/4 cup12 tbsp
1 cup16 tbsp
1 pound16 oz
US liquid volume measurements
8 oz1 cup
1 pint2 cups = 16 oz
1 quart2 pints = 4 cups
1 gallon4 quarts = 16 cups
US to Metric Conversions
1/5 tsp1 ml
1 tsp5 ml
1 tbsp15 ml
1 oz30 ml
1/5 cup50 ml
1 cup240 ml
2 cups = 1 pint470 ml
4 cups = 1 quart.95 liter
4 quarts = 1 gallon3.8 liters
1 oz28 grams
1 pound454 grams
Metric to US Conversions
1 ml1/5 tsp
5 ml1 tsp
15 ml1 tbsp
30 ml1 oz
100 ml3.4 oz
240 ml1 cup
1 L34 oz
1 L4.2 cups
1 L2.1 pints
1 L1.06 quarts
1 L0.26 gallon
1 gram0.035 oz
100 grams3.5 oz
500 grams1.10 pounds
1 kg2.205 pounds
1 kg35 oz